Clients Testimonials

This program is the reason my life changed for the better.  It's a program for everyone. I say that because I believe that I am everyone. Work full-time, always hungry, always tired, and definitely in need of a nap, during work hours of course ha ha..  I'm proud to say that I was part of the first program which was basically just called the four week challenge before it was called road to inches. In those four weeks I drop 14 1/2 pounds, I stopped smoking and never touched a cigarette again....ever.

The program is very detailed with meal plans, recipe ideas, home exercises, and gym exercises whether you're a beginner intermediate or if you’re advanced.  Within the four weeks I learned how to eat and I learned which foods energized my body the most so that when I get to the gym I can produce my best effort and my best effort will get me the best results.

Is four weeks enough time? Yes it’s actually plenty of time to learn your body.   I think of it more so as a jumpstart to the first time you learn "self" after the four weeks are over. In fact on the last day of the four-week challenge I was actually sad. I was sad because the level of motivation that I was getting from Amber and from my bathroom scale on a daily basis was like a dream.

I benefited the most by learning how to eat with this program and I haven't stopped. This is something that I will carry-on for the rest of my life and will try to instill into my children. They may not be ready to eat a bunch of raw baby kale and raw mushrooms and Romaine lettuce like me right now, but they have no clue that the cheese I use now is fat-free or that the syrup on the breakfast table is actually sugar-free all they know is that it tastes good.

 So this program is not only good for the client is good for whoever the client shares it with and I thank Amber for my health and I thank her for my strength.  She is a godsend and so is this program.

Jennifer Iky

I wanted to write to you about why I love your Road to Inches program so very much! Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.  That was the fortune cookie I had the same day I saw your very first roads to inches post on facebook. I like to believe in signs and boy was this a big one.  So I decided to try, to try and get my life back together.  First step was adjusting how I took care of my body.. turns out this was a bigger task that I anticipated since my entire life turned upside all in the month of January.  

I started the Road to Inches program at a whopping 209.4 pounds. The day I stepped foot on that scale I was completely devastated and realized how important that change was going to be for me. Through guided grocery lists, healthy eating recipes, and prep meals I learned how to properly eat.  I absolutely loved this part of the program. Not only do I love getting new recipes I love trying to turn tasty unhealthy recipes into healthy ones! The prep meal has saved my life and my wallet! Taking the time to make my lunches only 2 times a week vs scrambling for something every morning has helped me organize myself and keep myself from going to the local sandwich shop.  My favorite was being introduced to PB2 because I am a complete peanut butter addict but it is just so high in calories!  PB2 helped me satisfy my sweet tooth and peanut butter cravings in a much healthier fashion. With the additional help of my fitness pal I have effectively retrained my brain to see where I'd most like to spend my calories. In addition to that I realized that changing the way I eat and when I eat it helps keep me energized for the day without having to guzzle coffee!  
Amber also helped work in different exercises that I could do since I have a bad knee which had all but stopped my previous exercise routine of lots of running.  With Amber's help and direction I found all sorts of exercises that worked for me, and my knee, and were actually a lot more fun than just running!! 
Overall I ended the program down around 12 to 15 pounds! I've been able to keep up with the change in life style and am now down 25 pounds (a little slower moving than my initial weight loss but I also wasnt as strict as I was when doing the program). 
This was an incredible program and I plan on using all the things I've learned for the rest of my life!

Allee Driver

          My personal goals for taking the challenge was not to be super skinny and rock a 6 pack.  I was at a weight were I was comfortable with but not comfortable with how I was feeling. If i could maintain my weight maybe lose 1-2lbs and lose inches then that would be ideal.  Honestly i was a point where i was just fed up with being unhappy, over eating and constantly tired. Im too young to feel like a frumpy old lady. 
          Amber's program has definitely helped me get back on track. Learning self discipline along the way and prioritizing my health. Im more conscious of what I’m eating and I’ve learned how to balance when out with friends and family.   if i fall off one day . I work harder the next day.  Ive lost a total of 3 lbs and lost 1 inch around my waist!! Along with that my energy level has increased and I’m feeling better than ever! Im also super proud  of my friends who took the challenge as well.  Their results were incredible! Thanks Amber for kick starting my journey to a healthier me!
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Jacklyn Miranda

I've done 3 challenges so far and each time I lost about 10lbs! The support group is great and I actually made a few friends! I really enjoy these challenges and have had the most success while I'm doing them!!

Nikki A'More

and the list continues...

Nelida Otero

Chayna Valentine

Amy Melone

  After much debate I joined Amber's 4 week program... I already lived an active lifestyle being a runner for the past 5 years and knowing some what about nutrition but I needed a push. I joined her challenge 6months after having my second child. I tried months prior to get myself motivated and back on a routine but found myself slipping constantly. Joining was exactly the push I needed! Adding her daily exercises, meals, and her daily emails to fit my busy lifestyle gave me confidence and determination to get back on track. Her program definitely fits a busy working mom of 2! I lost 6.2lbs in those 4 weeks may not seem like much but it help because now I'm 4lbs away from my goal weight!! I also gained knowledge about proper eating, exercises, and that each day is a new day to get back on track. Her program helped me get back to a healthier lifestyle!
My journey with Ambers 4 week program really helped me realize that eating right was only half of the solution to my weight loss. In my first week I loss 7 lbs with workouts and proper eating! I also started a journal to document all of my meals per week down to my snacks. It gave me variety so that I wouldn't get bored with my meals. I loved sharing my meals and sharing encouragement with the other ladies. My favorite meal from the list was the "pizza."
I didn't need to lose weight, the number on the scale meant nothing to me. I needed to get healthy and tone up. The workout plans got my butt in gear, I had no idea how to workout at home before starting the program and now I'm able to workout during my sons nap time. The meal plan was great too, I was able to eat what I wanted but make smarter decisions. My favorite though was that I didn't need to buy any supplements or wraps. This was a program I could do with what I have at home!! I love that, it's a lifestyle change not some quick fix!! 

Jessika Garcia

This was the most amazing 4 weeks that I have had in a LONG time!! After having my son, I fell off of healthy eating and getting fit. Amber has given me the extra push I needed to get back to being motivated!! Like any challenge, it did have it's obstacles, but she was wonderful with her advice and ideas. I love food and I did not have to cut out anything, just learned how to eat in moderation. Road to inches is truly a program for anyone and everyone

Erimar Hernandez

I made the decision last year to begin my journey for a healthier lifestyle. I began working with Amber June 2014 to help me with this goal. It was the best decision I made to help me get started.  I was provided with all the tools I needed to begin this journey. I was given a workout plan; meal plan; support group; weekly check-in; motivational emails; and of course the support of a great coach. This program helped me to progress towards my goal. It provided me with all the support I needed- what to do at home or in the gym, support of others going through the same struggles/ achievements, and a coach that held me liable to my goals. I didn’t feel alone in this journey and that made it much easier to continue to push. A year later, I can say that I’m down over 35lbs and I owe it to this great program and Amber’s continued support.  This program helps with learning how to change eating habits, increase exercise, know that others are in this same journey with you, but most important that results will come as long as you put your dedication into it. I feel great and am happy to say I've gained my confidence back and have learned to love how I look. It's a work in progress and this program has taught me discipline and to be patient. Things don't happen over night. RoadToInches is an effective program and I am so proud to be a testimony to that as I continue on with the knowledge I’ve gained from it.

Jenitza Vazquez

I decided to join Road To Inches because I needed to DO something! I have struggled with my weight for years. It really hit me after I had my son and then I had my daughters 2 years later. I felt I didn't have any time to work out let alone go to the gym. I didn't have energy to work out when I was home and I gave myself every excuse in the book not to eat right. I would tell myself, "I will just start on Monday," but Monday came and went and I never did anything. I swear I tried everything on TV. I ordered every weight loss pill or tea, (I never used them). So the first challenge I did with Amber was in January I believe, it was also a 4 week challenge. I was excited but nervous. What was great was that I actually got to eat real food lol, there were no pills, no starving. My first week I lost a couple pounds and I felt great! When I saw that Amber was doing another challenge I was like oh yes I'm on it! Amber is great at what she does, she connects with you and is available the whole way. I learned how to make healthy choices without starving myself and that to me is important. The challenges are crazy lol but it pushes me to go that extra mile and step out of my comfort zone! I would recommend this challenge to anyone and everyone! 

Melanie E. Fontanez

Where do I begin... Road to inches has changed my life for the better. And I know that sounds cliche because of a lot of people say that when they start a new "diet" . Well what Amber does for you is not a diet, its a lifestyle change. She helps you with a new meal plan that works perfect for you, and it's not the average nasty no tasting diet food, the food is just as tasty as the normal fatty foods you're use to eating. I looked forward to her daily inspirational emails that always kept me going when I felt I couldn't do it anymore. She shares her daily struggles with you and makes you feel as if you aren't alone. She wast ALWAYS there when i needed her. I loved everything about Road to Inches. Exercising routines were made for home and gym and made it so much easier for me for the nights i couldn't make it to the gym. My life truly changed with Road to Inches and i couldn't be any more grateful for being apart of Ambers journey, as well as having her apart of mine. ROAD TO INCHES is probably one of the best decisions i have ever made. Thank you AMBER!!!

Anilaury Fernandez

My experience with "Road to Inches" has been amazing! I've met a few awesome individuals who were so supportive and I don't think I could of gotten this far without them and my coach. Before I joined this program I was so unhappy with my body and I knew I had to do something to change it. I would always push off the gym and I was eating so unhealthy every single day it got to the point that I felt disgusted with myself and my food choices. This program has taught me to meal prep, the proper foods to eat, and confidence to work out in the "weights" area. Our coach taught us that you can eat what you like you just have to modify the recipe. She always sent out motivational emails on a daily basis to continue to push us towards our goals. I joined this program once I knew I was ready to CHANGE. I worked hard, worked out 5x's a week before heading to work and now I love to workout. Thank you Amber for being so amazing and for teaching us everything you know!!! We couldn't have done it without you.

Stephanie Ursomarso

Lindsay Pursoo

"This program changed my body so much in a little amount of time. I'm now eating more than I was before the program but I'm more toned and fit into my clothes way better. I'm a lot stronger now and couldn't be happier with the results. With the group message and contact from Amber it definitely made things easier and fun."
Amber is a great coach! Her morning motivation emails and the honesty that she gives about her own fitness is the best. Most coaches don't share their own personal struggles and achievements but Amber does and it motivates you to do your best. 
Thank you again Amber. I have learned a lot and leaned a lot about my body during this time!

Victoria Diaz

By far this has been one of the best things I have implemented in my life! Not only was this something I wanted to do but I needed to do! I'm a single mom always tired and looking for better ways to keep up with my two kids. Ever since I started eating clean I felt much better I wasn't as tired as much I had more energy! Not to mention My skin has cleared up! I feel good about my self!! Joining this challenge has not only helped me change my lifestyle for myself but also for my kids! Whatever they see me eat they want to eat it as well! I mean what more can I ask for out of this challenge?! It's changed my life so far for the better and I will continue with everything I gained from this challenge! I feel amazing and I love it!! Thank you Amber greatly appreciated! 

Leah Del Valle

The struggle I endured during this challenge was very much worth it. I learned self control and to also try new and healthy foods that were great; the blackened tilapia was my favorite! (I've never had tilapia before this challenge lol). This is definitely something anyone trying to lose weight should try! I'm glad I had the courage to make this life changing decision. Thank you Mrs. Harley for creating Road to Inches!!!

Idalee Escribano

Honestly when I first joined the program I knew I would see results, I did not imagine the results that I have now. In the beginning it was hard for me to believe that in just 4 weeks I would feel more confident and actually look better. The first week was definitely a challenge, I craved any and everything. As my body started to detox of all the unhealthy foods the easier it became for me. Today I am happy to say that the food prepping and the healthy choices have become second nature. I cannot wait to see my results in a couple more months or even this time next year. I will forever be thankful for Amber and her wisdom and motivation.  Thank you!


This program definitely gave me the knowledge I needed to learn how to eat better and ways to exercise at home or the gym. The daily check in by the coach motivated me to do better, and when I failed it was okay! 
She made sure everyone stayed on track and wanted to know right away if there was something she could do for you! 
Thanks Amber!!!

Joanell Taveras

Absolutely a great experience doing this program. After 25 years of age, I came to a conclusion that I did not know my body until now and still a learning process. This program is easy to follow if you stick to the plan. Very realistic which is most importantly. I am extremely happy for all that I have learned. My coach was always available for all my questions, something that other programs might not have. I truly recommend this program if you want to change your life. Oh not to mentioned that price is super reasonable. Sometimes super expensive program has great results but is unrealistic and a lot of people back down but this is definetely a good start to change your life. This program motivated to continue the same discipline even after the program is over. I have goals and I can only reach them if I continue what I was doing. I am so thankful to this program for giving me the tools that I need for a healthy lifestyle.

Yaritza Zayas

This was my second time completing the Road to Inches program. My first time doing the program was over a year ago when I actually found out I was expecting my first baby. I still felt comfortable having Amber as my coach since she was also expecting. I learned so much in 4 weeks and still took everything that I learned and continued to stay active and eat healthy throughout my pregnancy. This time I wanted to focus on toning and gaining weight/muscle which has been very difficult for me to do as a very active and nursing mom to a 7 mo. old. Throughout these 4 weeks I was able to gain 3 lbs..I felt my muscles growing all over and I felt a lot stronger not only physically but also mentally. After giving birth and seeing your body change is amazing to be able to see what your are capable of achieving with a lot of discipline and an amazing coach.

Mercedes Gomez

So I am a mother to a 7 year old, work a full time job, and I am a part time student for nursing. I've struggled with bad eating habits and lack of exercise for years. Road to inches has been the only program that has helped me whip me into shape. This program is amazing! I feel great, mentally and physically.